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Festival 2007


Festival 2007 pictures at the link pictures


International festival Nõmme Jazz 2007

24. - 27. October


Beautiful sound and light concerts will brighten up your autumn!

The light decorations and installations from companies - AS Adam BD and Hektor Light.

Tickets avaliable at Piletilevi and Piletimaailm.

Jamsession tickets only at the Culture Club.



A Dignified Autumnal Festival



The ninth international festival Nõmme Jazz is taking place in autumn. After several years when trying to fit it in to the early summer season we finally came to the conclusion that the audience prefers to spend the dusky summer evenings outside and to enjoy the cozy atmosphere of the jazz mood in the autumn.

It’s the first time that the visual sides of the concerts will be designed as well using the light decorations by our partners ”AS Adam” and “Hektor Light”.


For the first time we have the honour to feature such legendary name as Raimonds Pauls. Most people here know Pauls as the song writer and are less are aware that he is a jazz and classical music pianist. In the festival we have a rare opportunity to listen to the Maestro's interpretations.

The concert of Raimonds Pauls and youth choir “Kamer” with a programme of Bach and Pauls music is the main concert of the festival.


Organizing the festival in Tallinn Nõmme district, we have set a goal to enliven the cultural life in Nõmme and to bring together different musicians in international projects where nearly all the combos include Estonian musicians.

The cultural exchange continues at the late night jam sessions where elder and younger musicians meet on the stage to derive inspiration, get experiences and to offer the audience the opportunity to blend in with the distinctive atmosphere of jam session.


As a small festival Nõmme Jazz has put emphasis on exclusiveness. The audience size to every concert is limited, however, a special bond between the performer and listener can be created.

It is our wish to offer you the best sensations both on the artistic and organizational side of the festival


Toivo Unt

Nõmme Jazz artistic director





The ninth international Nõmme Jazz festival can be titled as the festival of pianists



In the five concerts there will be performing four magnificent and famous pianists who are very different to each other and each one is imparting the message of jazz in his unique way.

The three pianists (Pauls, Magris, Ptashka) are bound by the most interesting fact that they have all starting their piano lessons at the age of 4. But all four are seekers, who are striving to find new challenges in music using different colours, contrasts, shadows, experimenting and mixing different styles.

To get a true festival sensation one should see all the concerts, for each concert is painting completely new inspiring scenery on the planet called jazz.


Jaanika Ventsel

Nõmme Jazz project manager


NÕMME JAZZ 2019 - Gsm: +372 5145 745