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Competition 2011






18 – 19 March

Tallinn, Nõmme


Competition categories: vocals & trumpet





I Kalevi Louhivuori Soome

II Laurentiu Moise Rumeenia

III Otto-Karl Vendt Eesti




I Raimonda Vaičiūtė Leedu

II Evilena Protektore Läti

III Olga Abdullina Venemaa


Audience favourite

Kalevi Louhivuori


Band´s favourite

Olga Abdullina


Special performer

Alexandru Baroc



Performance invitations:

Evilena Protektore – Pori Jazz, Jazzkaar, Jazz Voices 2012

Kalevi Louhivuori, Turku Jazz, Rigas Ritmi, Juu Jääb, Kaunas Jazz

Susanna Wahl – Turku Jazz

Raimonda Vaičiūtė – Jazz del Mar, Kaunas Jazz

Olga Abdullina – Rigas Ritmi

Otto-Karl Vendt – Tallinn Trumpet Competition Gala 2011

Anneliis Kits – Jazz Voices 2012

Tanel Kuusk - Tallinn Trumpet Competition Gala 2011

Laurentiu Moise – Romanian MUZZA Foundation 2012

Alexandru Baroc (Al Baroc) - Romanian MUZZA Foundation 2012



Prizes by the festivals:

Pori Jazz – Evilena Protektore

Turku Jazz – Susanna Wahl, Kalevi Louhivuori

Jazzkaar – Evilena Protektore

Rigas Ritmi – Olga Abdullina, Kalevi Louhivuori

Kaunas Jazz – Raimonda Vaičiute, Kalevi Louhivuori,

Jazz Voices 2012 vokalistide konkurss – Anneliis Kits, Evilena Protektore

Juu Jääb – Kalevi Louhivuori

Jazz del Mar jazz club – Raimonda Vaičiute

Tallinna Trompetikonkursi Gala – Tanel Kuusk, Otto-Karl Vendt

Rumeenia Muzza Fondi auhind 2012 – Laurentiu Moise, Al Baroc




Final concert performers


Laurentiu Moise, tp ROM

Olga Abdullina, voc RUS
Kalevi Louhivuori, tp FIN

Anneliis Kits, voc EST
Otto-Karl Vendt, tp EST

Vaheaeg Break: üllatusesineja / Special performer

Evilena Protektore, voc LAT

Tanel Kuusk, tp EST

Raimonda Vaičiute, voc LIT

Utku Akyol, tp TUR
Melissa Oliveira de Sousa, voc POR






17.00 Semi-final

Nõmme Culture Center

Free entrance



16.00 Final

Nõmme Culture Center

Tickets 8 € / 3 €



Hiiu Pubi (Pärnu mnt. 325)


NORMUNDS PIESIS trumpet, Latvia

Jazz Artist participants

Tickets 5








2011 participation countries are designated: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Norway, Russia, Turkey, Romania, Portugal.


Applicants age limit is 18 – 35 years (at the time of the competition).

The deadline for foreign applications is 21 February 2011.





Nõmme Jazz Young Jazz Artists Competition has been going on since 2001 giving young professional musicians international recognition and possibilities to perform at acknowledged jazz festivals abroad.

The Competition serves the aim of making possible the first steps on the way to an international career as well as developing artistic qualities and international relationships with other musicians.

The members of the international jury are representatives of the partner festivals.


Prizes of competition are performances: Pori Jazz, Turku Jazz, Kaunas Jazz, Rigas Ritmi, Jazzkaar, Juu Jääb, Noorte Puhkpillimängijate Festival – „Youth Wind Fest“, Nardis Jazz Club

The partners of Nõmme Jazz competition Jazzartist 2011 are: Youth Winds Festival 2011 and Tallinn G. Ots Music School.


To register please fill the application form ( is found on regulation link)
With application are required:
· 1 - 2 audio recordings (disc, mp3). Demo video is not acceptable. Myspace can be used.
· A good quality protrait picture ( jpg file, about 1 MB, does not have to be a performance picture)
· Artist CV (musical background)
· Music sheets (2 semi-final songs with clear form and in the key to be performed)
You can send the materials by e-mail, by regular post.
All materials can be sent also on CD.

Admission fee 50 EUR (not refundable) must be transferred to the account of Nõmme Jazz.
You receive a reply with bank details by writing to:
nommejazz (at) gmail. com

Read further ...... under Regulation

NÕMME JAZZ 2019 - Gsm: +372 5145 745